Try something new: Dumplings

A round mass of dough stuffed with a savory filling; this is what we know as a dumpling, that of which to cook we may fry, steam or boil. Its name and corresponding ingredients vary drastically depending on the country and region, each one worthy of praise (I’m biased, though… I love gyoza).

Shi, Domee. Pixar Animation Studios. Bao [film].

The past months, I’ve been spending considerably more time in the kitchen and something I still struggle with is finding new things to do with essentially the same ingredients in the fridge. But after a few take-out orders and internet searches, I figured all that it takes to make my favorite kind of dumplings was right here at home! Since I am no expert, in this post I will be adding a number of sources to exemplify the different procedures one can follow.


2. Here’s a written procedure with pictures

3. A more in-depth video on fillings

4. Kids don’t lie. This video is a gem!

5. Let’s appreciate Bao (2018) ‘s opening scene here, too.

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